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A revolutionary, automated evacuation system

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Our Mission

To delight our existing clients by exceeding their expectations, to impress potential clients and remain true to our calling of making this world a better place by saving lives through technology.

To deliver a superior product and keep improving on it up until we reach ZERO mark of workplace fatalities.

Emergency Evacuation

We have automated the traditional emergency evacuation

Access Control

Our system can be used to monitor and also grant access to appointed employees

Spatial Planning

The data collected by using this system can be used to allocate workspaces


Employers/Safety Marshalls can monitor employee movement during an emergency situation

Our Service

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Emergency Evacuation

During emergency evacuations, employees can follow instructions from our app or their bracelets to evacuate a building.

Access Control

With our systems employers know exactly who is in the build and their exact location.

Spatial Planning

The data gathered from monitoring employee movements can be used to plan efficient workplace layouts

Facilities Management

With use of our system, employers are able to maintain their facilities effeciently through our monthly reports


We provide emergency officials with a "birds eye view" of the situation during evacuations

Data Analysis

We provide our clients with monthly reports about their system, employee movements and most frequented areas

If you are in need of an emergency evacuation plan that works, we are here for you.

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